Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Nativity In Black"

Nativity In Black (A Tribute To Black Sabbath)
Secondhand Vinyl Album
Purchased at the Fargo Record Fair
Original Release Date:  1994
My Rating:  4 Stars

Side One
After Forever:  Biohazard
Children Of The Grave:  White Zombie
Paranoid:  Megadeth
Solitude:  Cathedral

Side Two
Supernaut:  1,000 Homo DJ's
Iron Man:  Ozzy Osbourne w/ Therapy?
Lord Of This World:  Corrosion Of Conformity

Side Three
Symptom Of The Universe:  Sepultura
The Wizard:  Bullring Brummies
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath:  Bruce Dickinson w/ Godspeed

Side Four
N.I.B.:  Ugly Kid Joe
War Pigs (Live):  Faith No More
Black Sabbath:  Type O Negative

   Basically, "Nativity In Black," is the first album of many at the Fargo Record Fair that spawned the reoccurring thought, "Well, this is definitely coming home with me."  I instantly recognized this record's cover from my time spent working for the Barnes & Noble music department.  Back then I remember looking at it and thinking, "Man, that looks like a kick ass line up of bands for a Black Sabbath Tribute!"  Unfortunately, at the time I never got around to actually listening to this album.  Today I regret this since I'm now convinced it contains music I could really party to. However now, many years later, I can truthfully state that, "Nativity In Black," is a record that's even fun to hear while sober.
   I feel I must clarify I love a good compilation album.  In fact, these types of records have been the springboard for much of my music collection.   While I don't anticipate buying a whole lot of Heavy Metal in the future, I do believe this now annoyingly strait-laced listener could use a little loosening up from time to time.  Nothing says lack of control more than headbanging to Megadeth performing the song Paranoid.  Not that I would ever do such a thing...
   In this listener's opinion the highlights of, "Nativity In Black," include the recognizable rollicking guitar style of White Zombie, the smarmy sass of Ugly Kid Joe, and of course, the heavier than heavy vocals of Type O Negative that persuade even the most devout Christian listener to flash a little bit of the devil horns. However, when doing so make sure you've got your other hand free.  As stated earlier, this is music that makes one want to slam a beverage or two and then crush the container on your forehead...even if that container says Starbucks on its' side.




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