Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"She's So Unusual"

Cyndi Lauper:  She’s So Unusual
30th Anniversary Limited Edition Album (Remastered)
Original Release Date:  1983 Epic Records
(My Rating:  5 Stars)

Side 1
Money Changes Everything
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
When You Were Mine
Time After Time

Side 2
She Bop
All Through The Night
I’ll Kiss You
He’s So Unusual
Yeah Yeah

   I’m ashamed to admit that there was definitely a period of time where I would have never fessed up to adoring a Cyndi Lauper album.  I was simply too, “complex,” to be entertained by such frivolous things.  I put the word complex in quotation marks because now that terminology just seems idiotic to me.  Basically, what it comes down to is, I was a stuck up hipster of the 90’s who couldn’t admit to liking anything that was remotely considered mainstream.  In other words, this girl did NOT want to have fun.
   Thank God, I eventually hit my thirties and realized the quest to be cool was over.  Currently, my new mission is to get through each day by enjoying whatever little amusements might come my way.  Hello, Cyndi Lauper!  Where you been girl?! 
   Thinking about it now, 1983 was a long time ago.  Certainly, it's a long time for this album to finally become a regular in my listening rotation.  However, each time I listen to Cyndi Lauper’s, “She’s So Unusual,” I'm surprised at just how current it is.  Despite the dated heavy synthesizers, it is undeniable to this listener that Lauper’s voice is, “so unusual,” it’s timeless.  There simply is no one else who can successfully copy her off the wall, hiccupping style. 
   Not that this listener hasn’t tried.  Songs like, “Money Changes Everything,” and, “She Bop,” possess such notable examples of her unique vocal trademarks that one can’t help feeling compelled to give Lauper’s crazy vibrato a spin.  I think everyone should try belting, “Money Changes Everythinginginginginginging.”  In addition, I believe a semi forgettable track like, “Witness,” is transformed solely by the addition of Lauper’s voice.  Suddenly, a rather mediocre piece takes on an unexpected Reggae type beat that I attribute to this vocalist's quirks.  Is that Reggae sound really there, or is this album just so fun one feels like they’re on vacation?
   I guess my only answer is when I was trying to think of how to photograph this album cover for my blog all that came to mind was, “Where the heck are my purple sequin heels?”  Because that’s what one wears when listening to, “She’s So Unusual.”  Even if it’s when you're alone in your sewing room.
   In conclusion, my favorite track from this album is without a doubt, “When You Were Mine,”  (Originally written and performed by Prince).  Not only is this tune interesting with the sexually ambiguous tone that is created by a woman singing it, it’s also an awesome display of Lauper’s voice.  During this song she hits an ear piercing note that literally made my otherwise totally uninterested cat actually open his eyes!  It’s moments like this that make me wish Cyndi, “was kindasorta my best friend.”

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